What's Happening at the Farm?



The Farm is a very busy place this spring!!! We built a 18'x40' greenhouse and are filling it quickly with plants. At the same time we are watching Mother Nature decide we can slow down a little from the previous years. We are going to bloom possibly about mid April which is almost a month later than last year.
We have removed many Gala apples so that we can enlarge our Pumpkin patch as support has been growing every year. We also plan to graft over more Galas to our newest apple varieties.

Soon you will be able to see us in Omak in front of the PumpHouse Coffee Shop and we will have a large 10x20 tent that we will be selling out of all summer. and we will be doing our best to beat the prices of the big stores.

I am very excited to see how this year comes along and I'm hoping you will come with us. We are offering many varieties of produce in many different locations. Organic local produce has never been so easy to buy!!!

Have a great season. I look forward to feeding you!