Harvesting Autumn plants will be ready to purchase beginning in May. If you would like your plants sooner send us an email and we will see if there are any plants ready. Our Vegetable plants are Certified Organic however our flowers are grown from non-certified seed and while we grow them organically they are not able to be certified plants. Below you will see our Catalogs for flowers and vegetables. There is also an order form you can print and send back to us at 38 Jaquish Road, Omak WA 98841 or scan and email. plants will be held with a 25% deposit. But will not be held past May 25th. We hope you have a very fruitful 2017!
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Gardening by the Signs
Whenever we can we try to plant our plants at the right time based on the moon. This method may not be for everyone, however we here at Harvesting Autumn find it reasonable to believe that the moon has much sway on the Earth and mostly the water on the Earth. As you know the Moon can bring in tides and pull water to and fro in the ocean. We believe that along with the oceans water the soil is also probably affected by the moon so why not understand how to plant by the moon a little better.

Planting by the moon is fairly easy. Plant above ground crops when the moon is waxing or growing (New Moon to Full Moon). Plant root crops when its waning (Full Moon to New Moon). When you start adding the signs Of the Zodiac it gets a bit tougher. As you may know there are 12 signs of the Zodiac representing 4 different elements: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. In the 29 day lunar cycle the moon travels through all 12 signs. For the most part Water and Earth are best for planting and growth. Air and Fire are best for beautifying and killing ( I know killing is a harsh word but what I mean is weeding, pruning, tilling, etc).

The following goes a little more in depth for each sign.

The numbers following the description denote the quarter of the Moon's cycle (beginning at New Moon) when the action described is best carried out.

Fertile Signs

Water Signs

  • Cancer - best time to plant aerial crops, or prune to encourage growth, or graft (1,2); plant seed (2), and plant root crops (3). It's also the best time to water since plants take it up more easily in a water sign.
  • Pisces - transplant or sow seed in this sign for vigorous root growth (2). Fertilize root crops or graft for best results now (1,2); or plant root crops (3).
  • Scorpio - best sign for planting seed (2), or graft or prune for growth (1,2); or plant root crops (3).

Earth Signs

  • Taurus - transplant in this sign for hardy plants (1,2); sow seed (2); plant root crops (3); or prune to limit growth (4).
  • Virgo - till, cultivate, and turn compost heaps (1-4); garden pests and weeds are most vulnerable in this sign and pruning to shape plants is most effective (4).
  • Capricorn - prune for strong growth and graft in this sign (1,2); plant seeds (2); plant bulbs, tubers and rhizomes (3).

Barren Signs

Fire Signs

  • Leo - prune to shape shrubs in this most fiery of the fire signs (1); or cultivate and till the soil (1-4); this is the best sign to weed or control pests (4).
  • Aries - destroy weeds and pests (1,2); or till and cultivate (1-4); prune to limit growth, turn sod, and harvest crops for best keeping qualities now (4).
  • Sagittarius - till and cultivate in this sign (1-3); plant onions (3); or weed, prune to limit growth, or harvest crops for maximum keeping qualities (4).

Air Signs

  • Gemini - cultivate and till in this sign (1-3); harvest herbs and root crops (4); or weed for maximal effectiveness (4).
  • Aquarius - cultivate and till the earth in this dry, airy sign (1-3); get rid of weeds or harvest crops for long-term storage (4).
  • Libra - plant annual flowers (1,2); plant vines (2); flowers picked in this sign last longest and plants pruned now will keep their shape longer (4).

Again, this method may not be for everyone. We would love to hear how it works for you if you try it. It has worked wonders for us. happy planting